reInterpret is a community building resource for materials that may have been considered waste. We collaborate with schools, teachers, artists, and businesses on the topic of sustainability, industry, arts and education. We offer teachers and community members support in using recycled materials to aid in learning math, science, language and creative arts. reInterpret is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


reInterpret is committed to providing real materials for creative minds to explore. We harvest materials from the community like cardboard, plastic, metal and fabric that may otherwise be put in the landfill and make them available to students, teachers and artists. We offer hundreds of low and no cost materials at our space in Santee.


reInterpret is committed to supporting the community in learning about creative exploration as a means of learning. We offer workshops for teachers and classes for students to inspire use of our materials as well as other found and recycled objects. Please contact us to schedule a customized workshop or class.


Classroom / Individual Membership                                                                                     $50 – One year admission to reInterpret studio including materials

School Membership (for multiple teachers from one school or facility)                          $50 plus $25 per teacher – One year admission to reInterpret studio incl. materials

Organizational / Event Membership                                                                                     Price to be determined, based on # of participants served and/or amount of materials


Every Saturday: 9 – 11 AM

Closed: March 17, 2018 (Due to San Diego Reggio Roundtable event)

Members may also visit by Appointment: call 619.933.9737

10250 Magnolia Avenue, Room 38 (corner of El Nopal)                                                            Santee, CA  92071                                                                                                                  619.933.9737

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